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 SCENIC UTAH works to protect and enhance the scenic qualities of Utah's communities, countrysides, and roadways. We support the right of local governments to limit sign pollution and visual blight. We partner with diverse groups who share the common goal of safeguarding the visual character of the beautiful Beehive State. And we promote policies that encourage aesthetic community design, protect air sheds and view sheds, and encourage and enhance scenic beauty across our state.   



SCENIC UTAH is a state affiliate of Scenic America, the only US-based nonprofit dedicated to preserving and enhancing the visual character of America's communities and countryside. Scenic America supports the public sector in preserving and enhancing our scenic environment through billboard and sign control efforts, and supports programs and policies focused on limiting visual blight, protecting scenic public lands and byways, undergrounding utility wires, reforming the Highway Beautification Act of 1965, and other efforts focused on scenic conservation and aesthetic community design.

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A White House Conference on Natural Beauty convened by President and Lady Bird Johnson in 1965 resulted in the Highway Beautification Act, aimed at controlling outdoor advertising and roadside blight along America’s new Interstate highway system. 

Sadly, over the past 50 years the outdoor advertising industry has managed to effectively gut the Highway Beautification Act. Today, many of our country’s highways and communities are  shrouded in visual pollution -- leaving ugly and indelible marks on our landscapes, our view sheds, and our psyches.  

Inspired by the goals and promise of the Highway Beautification Act, Scenic America and its affiliates like SCENIC UTAH believe protecting our scenic values should be seen as it was 50 years ago: as an act of patriotism.  We believe investment in scenic conservation and enhancement should be an integral part of local and national policy making. And we believe in the right of local citizens and their elected leaders to have a say in how their communities look.