About Us


 SCENIC UTAH works to protect and enhance the scenic qualities of Utah's communities, countrysides, and roadways. We support the right of local governments to limit sign pollution and visual blight. We partner with diverse groups who share the common goal of safeguarding the visual character of the beautiful Beehive State. And we promote policies that encourage aesthetic community design, protect air sheds and view sheds, and encourage and enhance scenic beauty across our state.  


 In 1965, President and Lady Bird Johnson convened a White House Conference on Natural Beauty that resulted in passage of the Highway Beautification Act. The act aimed specifically at protecting the country’s fast growing network of highways from roadside blight. 

Yet 50 years later, as Scenic America notes in a 2017 White Paper,  the threats to our country's visual environment have never been greater. A population that has nearly doubled since 1965 has put pressure on our natural resources, open spaces, communities and highways. The sprawl and infrastructure required to support this growth have left indelible and unsightly marks on our landscapes.

Scenic America and affiliate organizations like SCENIC UTAH are inspired by the vision of President and Lady Bird Johnson that all Americans deserve to live, travel through, and visit places that are beautiful and unique. Their efforts more than 50 years ago drive our current mission to safeguard the beauty of Utah's communities from the unsightly impacts of outdoor advertising and other industries whose activities tarnish our state's remarkable vistas. 


Your tax-deductible contribution will help Scenic Utah preserve and enhance scenic beauty in our state.