Scenic Utah helps communities and local governments revise ordinances and adopt measures that protect the aesthetic qualities of their streets, highways, and residential areas, and reduce or eliminate visual pollution caused by excessive outdoor advertising.

We advocate for better and more transparent policies that reduce billboard clutter, hold outdoor advertisers accountable, and uphold the rights of governmental entities to regulate and ban billboards on both safety and aesthetic grounds. We stand with the vast majority of Utahns who view billboards as intrusive eyesores that harm the visual environment, reduce property values, and detract from community character.

We support the efforts of Scenic America in standing up to legislative deal-making, and to industry and trade groups who spend millions of dollars annually lobbying regulatory agencies at every level, from city halls to Capitol Hill.

Primer for Local Governments

Our "Primer for Local Governments" offers guidance on developing and amending digital sign and billboard ordinances. Written by planning professionals who understand Utah's complex billboard statutes, it includes definitions, cautions, tips for getting started, and links to additional resources.

Download the Primer for Local Governments (pdf)

Resources & Articles

Billboard Impact Study, Australia 2019

Between Beauty and Beer Signs, Rutgers 2012

Digital Billboard Study Compendium

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