Scenic Byways & Backways


  National Scenic Byways designations recognize roads across the U.S. that exhibit scenic, natural, historic, recreational, archaeological, and/or cultural qualities. Utah’s Scenic Byway and
Scenic Backway programs recognize roadways with similarly intrinsic qualities. The state program was established to support
community efforts to preserve and promote unique roads that link travelers with tourist destinations, recreational opportunities, and public lands. SCENIC UTAH advocates policies that protect, enhance and encourage more state and national scenic byway designations.   

Gateway Communities


  Small towns and cities adjacent to Utah’s popular national parks and public lands face unique challenges in preserving their scenic beauty and heritage, including congestion and density; population growth; sprawl; and a range of impacts to their viewsheds and air quality. Scenic Utah supports policies and initiatives that help enhance or maintain the appeal and spirit of these communities.  We partner with communities, individuals  and organizations working to preserve aesthetic qualities of the built environment, and we support design guidelines and aesthetic regulations based on the issues, needs, and desires of the community.  

Undergrounding Utilities


 The issue of whether to bury high-voltage transmission lines and smaller distribution cables centers not only on health, safety, and maintenance, but also on aesthetics and property values. As many state, municipal, and business leaders across Utah have argued,  the maze of utility wires (and billboards!) crisscrossing the entrances to our cities hinders travelers’ ability to appreciate our unique beauty, leaves a bad impression, and stymies economic development. Scenic Utah supports efforts and policies aimed at burying transmission lines and improving the aesthetics of the main entry and exit  points of our large cities and towns.