Board Member

John Huebner is originally from Michigan but spent much of his career in Greenville, South Carolina. Motivated by billboard blight and the increasing power of the outdoor advertising industry, he co-founded Scenic South Carolina in 2001. In 1987, he founded Mor-Lite, a company that pioneered energy-efficient lighting technology in Greenville. Since then, Mor-Lite technology has been installed thousands of industrial plants, distribution centers and retail stores throughout the U.S.

He earned a degree in urban planning from the University of Mississippi, and later worked as an urban planner in Greenville. He also served as President of Greenville’s Beautification Commission; in that role he wrote the city’s first sign ordinance. He was Chairman of Leadership South Carolina, where he met scores of people across the state who shared his passion for scenic preservation and limiting visual blight.

Not long after back-to-back hurricanes in 1985 thwarted his plan to sail around the world, in 1999, John married the late Deedee Corradini, former Salt Lake City Mayor (1992-2000) and moved his company to Utah to be closer to Deedee and her family.  After many years in Park City, he recently moved to La Jolla, CA, where lower altitude helps combat the effects of a lung disease. Thanks to remote-meeting technology and John’s ongoing commitment to protecting Utah’s natural beauty, he remains an honorary and active member of the Scenic Utah Board.