Welcome to our Scenic Byways Bracket competition, Scenic Utah's own version of March Madness! Which of Utah's 29 beautiful scenic byways reigns supreme? Is it a MVP like Zion or SB12, or an underdog like Fish Lake or Morgan-Parleys?


  • Click the START VOTING button to play Round 1. (We'll be posting subsequent rounds and results on social media throughout the tournament, so head to our Instagram or Facebook page for voting and bracket updates.)
  • Be sure to zoom out and scroll to ALL the match-ups on the bracket / voting page so you don't miss a single competing byway.
  • Have fun revisiting your favorite scenic roads by hovering over the images before you vote, and drawing inspiration to visit new ones for the first time!


  • Round 1: March 19-21
  • Round 2: March 22-23
  • Round 3: March 24-25
  • Round 4: March 26-27
  • Round 5: March 28-29
  • Champion Match: March 30-31

The Winning Scenic Byway will be announced April 1!